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K's Choice collection

K's Choice

The Great Subconcious Club (autographed by Sarah)
Paradise in Me
Cocoon Crash
Extra Cocoon
Almost Happy
Almost happy (2CD)
The Essential
Echo Mountain
Little Echoes
Waving at the Sun (dvd Beyond the Challenge included)
The Phantom Cowboy
Live at Ancienne Belgique


CD singles
The ballad of Lea and Paul
Not an Addict
Mr Freeze
A sound that only you can hear
Iron Flower
Little Man
Everything for Free
If you're not scared
God in my bed
Cocoon Crash
Almost Happy
Another year
Losing you

A sound that only you can hear 7"
The Phantom Cowboy

Other audio material

"Everything for free!- Live in Cologne 1998": Prime Club, Cologne, Germany 04/23/1998
Live concert d'un soir, Paris, France 3/6/1999
Live at Krakatoa, Bordeaux, France 2/1/2002
Live at De Posthoorn, Hamont- Achel, Belgium 8/6/2009
Live at Dranouter Festival, Belgium 8/7/2009
Live at the Lotto Arena, Antwerpen, Belgium 4/23/2010
Live at the Arena, Vienna, Austria 11/8/2010
Live at the Krakatoa, Bordeaux, France 11/17/2010
Live at Hedon, Zwolle, the Netherlands 12/3/2011

Other video material

Live at Rock am Ring, June 1, 2001 (the one where Sarah hurts her knee)
Live at De Posthoorn, Hamont-Achel, Belgium Youtube compilation 8/6/2009
Live at Dranouter Festival, Belgium Youtube compilation 8/7/2009
Glazen Huis 12/2009
K's Choice at the Rode Loper, Een 1/3/2010
K's Choice at De Laatste Show, Een 3/24/2010
K's Choice at De Rode Loper, Een 3/26/2010
K's Choice at De Zevende Dag, Een 3/28/2010
K's Choice at De Wereld Draait Door, Nederland 3 3/29/2010
K's Choice at VI 6/25/2010
K's Choice at Concert at Sea, Brouwersdam, the Netherlands 6/26/2010
K's Choice at Peter Live, Een, 11/5/2010

Other stuff

OOR magazine March 9 1996
OOR magazine March 21 1998
Official calendar 2001
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 12, October 1999
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 13, January 2000
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 14, April 2000
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 15, July 2000
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 16, October 2000
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 17, January 2001
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 18, April 2001
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 19, September 2001
Fanclub magazine (Words from paradise) nr. 20, December 2001
4 Cocoon Crash cards
2 posters
Cocoon Crash duck t-shirt
Cocoon Crash longsleeve
Order form "Home"
Merchandise order form
Invite for the TGSC 5th anniversary concert
Invite to a live recording session
Official merchandise order form
Newspaper announcement of K's Choice headlining Concert at Sea 1/22/10
Lilith Fair- A celebration of women in music (feat K's Choice - Not an Addict)
Ready to go: Women of the 90's (feat. K's Choice - Not an addict)
Ready to go: Women of the 90's Volume 2 (feat. K's Choice - Everything for free)
Decade of hits - 90 (feat K's Choice - Everything for free)
Giel Mega Top 50 Covers (feat K's Choice- Just Breathe)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Album
Article from Algemeen Dagblad 4/24/2010
Article from Algemeen Dagblad 4/26/2010
Article from Algemeen Dagblad 6/28/2010
Echo Mountain t-shirt (the one with the letters)
Echo Mountain t-shirt (brown one with the echo mountain logo)
Koen's autograph gotten at Appelpop, 9/11/2010
Various tickets signed by Sarah, Gert and Eric


Good Morning Hope
Comet (autographed by Sarah)

CD singles

Something to break
Are you ready to sing
When Colors Fade
I will carry you

Other audio material:

Gert Bettens live in L'entrepot, Arlon, Belgium 6/2/2009

Other stuff
Spencer the Rover- pretty young girl (promo- containing guest vocals by Gert)

Sarah Bettens

Never say goodbye (autographed)

CD singles
Not insane
Come over here
Someone to say hi to
I need a woman
I can't get out
Daddy's Gun

Sarah Beth- I'm so lonesome I could cry
Sarah Beth and Frankie Miller- Why don't you try me

Other audio material

Full Paradiso show, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 5/9/2005
Forum FNAC, Lille, France 06/10/2005
Sarah Bettens interview on Blacklight Radio 04/14/2007
Vredenburg, Utrecht, the Netherlands 05/13/2008
Sarah Bettens at Uurtje Apart, radio Hengelo 11/27/2008
Sarah Bettens at SistersTalk Radio 5/10/2009
Sarah live at NekkaNacht, Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgie 4/25/2009

Other video material

Youtube disc
Taubertal Festival, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Eiswiese, Germany 8/13/2004
Full Paradiso show, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 5/9/2005
Sarah Bettens ft. Kyo live at Taratata, Paris, France 9/6/2005
Full Paradiso show, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 12/3/2006
Sarah Bettens live at Vrienden van Amstel..live 2008, Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands airdate: 2/9/2008
Sarah & Gert Bettens live in the World Grotto in Knoxville, TN, USA 3/21/2008
Sarah live at Koppen, Eén, 10/30/2008
Sarah live at Phara, Canvas, 11/4/2008
Sarah live in the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium 11/19/2008
Sarah at 2 Meter Sessies, Het Gesprek, 4/18/2009
Sarah at De Zevende Dag, Eén 4/19/2009

Other stuff
6 t-shirts
1 poster from the European Acoustic Tour 2009 (signed)
2 posters promoting the Shine release
3 posters promoting the Scream release
15 flyer promoting the Shine release
12 flyers promoting the Scream release, including tourdates
Tourbook from Scream to Whisper
1 wristband
tickets of all concerts I've been to, some autographed
1 autographed shirt
1 autographed beer glass
Anouk- Lost Tracks (includes duet with Sarah)
Venus in Flames- Cynthia's Gone single (contains backing vocals by Sarah and electric guitar play by Gert)
Intwine- Pyrrhic Victory (contains a video from Intwine performing Not An Addict together with Sarah)
Anouk- Close up (features a video from the 2 meter sessies)
The Scene- 2007 (features a duet with Sarah called "Blauw")
Stash- Rock 'n roll show (ft. I need a woman with Sarah)
Blof- Oktober (features 3 duets with Sarah: "Van veraf was het zo mooi", "Labrador" en "Hoe lang blijf je binnen?")'
Frederique Spigt - Mans Genoeg: Inside the music (duet with Sarah) (dvd)
Announcement of Sarah's performance on Nirwana festival (one with pic, one without)
Interview with Sarah, Zij aan Zij, nr 5 2009
Indigo Girls live at the Auitorium Theater, Rochester, New York, NJ, USA 9/25/2002 (they performed "Closer to Fine" together with Sarah)
Interview in ZiZo 118 juli/augustus 2011

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